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Back to school season is here!

Time to get ready for the hustle and bustle of the busiest season of the year!

Why not streamline your skin care and make up routine to make getting ready in the morning that much easier and quicker?

We have a beautiful line of mineral make up that can cut your make up time down to about 5 minutes.

Mineral make-up is really skin care disguised as make-up, excellent for any skin type and all ages. This is the best choice for acneic and teen skin. The antibacterial nature of the mineral make up prevents any bacterial growth which means that it won’t cause breakouts, and further to that, the minerals are actually healing.


Perfect morning skin care routine

Wash face with a gentle cleanser or even just water


Prep skin with a Colorescience Primer

Use the Colorescience Corrector Kit to fix any trouble spots if needed

Brush over entire face with Colorescience Sunforgettable Powder

Spritz with Setting Mist

Apply mascara and lip gloss if you wish.


This makeup will last through the day under normal circumstances and takes only about 5 minutes or less to complete!


Start your day feeling fresh faced and good about treating your skin with the healthiest products available. 

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