IPL Light Skin Treatment

Intense Pulse Light therapy is a highly successful and effective treatment for sun spots, age spots, melisma and hyperpigmentation on the face and body. This therapeutic treatment removes signs of sun damage, helps to control acne and helps to diminish redness. Three to six treatments are safely and effectively recommended for a brighter younger looking… Read More

Removal of Moles and Cysts

Removal of Moles and Cysts (Skin lesion treatment) The treatment of benign skin lesions like moles and cysts are a common reason that patients visit our clinic. Whether it is to improve the appearance of the skin or to get rid of any associated discomfort, surgical treatment by one of our expert plastic surgeons is… Read More

Ottawa Laser Hair Removal

Ottawa Laser Hair Removal Now men and women alike are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past – thanks to the Cutera CoolGlide Ottawa Laser Hair Removal. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! The CoolGlide laser delivers 21st century technology for treatment of this distressing problem. Cleared for permanent hair… Read More

Venus Freeze Ottawa

Venus Freeze® takes Ottawa skin tightening to a new level. Venus Freeze is suitable for various face and body applications including circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening and anti aging. Venus Freeze’s® dense energy matrix penetrates into multiple layers of the skin, ensuring improved clinical efficacy and noticeably visible results. Non-invasive treatments  The demand for non-invasive… Read More

Thigh Lift or Thigh Plasty Ottawa

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure directed at improving the appearance of the upper thighs. Over time it is unfortunately not uncommon for the thigh to develop a saggy or uneven appearance. While there can be many causes for these changes, they are usually due to weight changes, gravity, or genetics. Fortunately, thigh lift… Read More

Ottawa Vein Reduction

Enhancing your appearance with vein treatment If you sometimes avoid showing your legs because you have spider veins — those small clusters of red veins that appear on the thighs, calves and ankles — you are not alone. It’s estimated that at least half of all women are bothered by this common cosmetic problem. If you would… Read More

Chemical Peels

Ottawa Chemical Peels We offer a variety of acid peels with different strengths and types. Chemical peels are used to create uniform exfoliation of damage skin cells, by removing dead skin and increasing cell turnover, leaving you with smooth radiant skin. Peels can perfect uneven skin tone, removal of pore clogging, temporarily reduce excessively oily… Read More


At Kanata Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, we are often contacted by patients inquiring about labiaplasty surgery or labia reduction surgery. This can be a sensitive topic, and at our private plastic surgery clinic we treat all our patients with the utmost respect and discretion. Large or uneven development of the labia can cause many problems… Read More

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation, or the “Brazilian butt lift”, is a surgical procedure designed to increase the volume of the buttocks while providing a fuller, more sculpted appearance. Many Ottawa patients visit Kanata Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery requesting buttock augmentation surgery to help correct a flat or sagging appearance. This can be due to weight changes, the… Read More

Ottawa Brachioplasty Arm Lift

One of the cosmetic procedures currently growing in popularity is arm lift surgery (also known as brachioplasty). This procedure is performed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms to create a smooth, toned appearance. Whether due to fluctuations in weight resulting in excess skin, or simply the normal effects of aging, many… Read More

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