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  1. Our clinic is fully accredited for general anesthesia and overnight stay (<24hrs), should this be necessary.
  2. We have done hundreds of general anesthetic cases since opening 9 years ago.
  3. Added advantage that unwanted fat is removed (permanently).
  4. I am a Royal College Certified Plastic Surgeon and I was American Board Certified for the 1st 10 years of my practice, until I decided that I would stay in Canada permanently.
  5. I have always done lots of cosmetic breast surgery, face lifts and body contouring surgery and this is how I became interested in fat grafting and questioned the age old belief that the fat doesn’t live – it does; at least 50% of the fat transferred.
  6. This belief is now well documented by fellow plastic surgery pioneers in this field and the rest of the plastic surgery community is scrambling to catch up.
  7. Anyone less than 100 pounds likely does not have the fat needed for transfer.
  8. It is an exacting and meticulous process that requires experience and know-how in the fat harvesting, processing and preparation, and the grafting technique; it takes time and expertise to learn and perform this well.
  9. You need to be good at liposuction so the donor sites (where the fat is taken from) look nice; fortunately, I am experienced in cosmetic liposuction having done this for many years.
  • cindy

    can you transfer unwanted fat to make fuller lips

    • Tammy Paterson

      Absolutely….and permanently!


  • nikole

    instead of getting breast implants could i take fat off my stomach to make my breast more fuller? post baby/weight loss my breasts arent as perky or full as before

    • Dr James Lacey


      Fat can be harvested
      with any procedure (as long as you have enough- which most of us do!!).

      The fat would then be
      grafted to the breasts and face (lips) at the same time as the tummy-tuck

      This would give one down
      time for recovery, and make good use of tissue that would otherwise be


      • shilrey wilkinson

        Dr lacey
        I would like to know how much is the this procedure as I was going to replace my implants but would prefer my own fat inside me I am waiting for a cost for implants from your office my name is mrs Wilkinson could you please call me if I could change my procedure thanks

  • TRD

    Could fat transfer from your tummy be used to enhance or make your bottom look fuller/ more shapely?

  • jess

    Could you use fat grafting to do a regular breast augmentation to increase breast size? I have not had any previous surgery.

  • Jude

    Good Evening, I am wondering if at 62 years of age, it is too late for a breast lift. They are so saggy and horrible looking, that even I don’t like looking at them. I’m not considering implants, but wonder if at my age and the fact that they’re so droopy, it’s possible to lift them I’m a very active fit person , but my breasts make me look like I’m 80. I’ve become very self conscious and they are covered 99% of the time.

  • paris

    how much does it approximately cost to do fat grafting from other body parts to the face ( laugh lines, smile lines? )

  • Patti

    I have had weight loss surgery and when my journey is over I would like to have a breast augmentation and my upper arms fixed, is this something that can be transferred?

  • TEM

    what exactly is the grafting part? How is the procedure done? With injections or with surgery

  • C J

    Hello, I was just wondering as to how long a breast lift would take, what the down time was and how much it would be? And I was wondering if you could use fat grafting to to this?