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Last month the announcement that Angelina Jolie had an elective mastectomy and reconstruction caused so much discussion in the media. Angelina wrote a very thoughtful column titled My Medical Choice on the reasons why she opted to go through with the procedures. I am glad she chose those words, because it truly was her choice.  So many people weighted in, professional opinions sought, articles written and blogs posted.

What we feel is that there is no right or wrong choice; it simply was ‘A’ choice she made.  Even when it comes to a purely cosmetic surgery, those who chose to augment, or reduce, tighten, or tuck. We truly believe there is no right or wrong, it is simply a decision that one needs to make with careful consideration. We can listen to what others have to say, and take into account, but it is yourself that ultimately will live with the outcome whichever that may be.

Everyone walks a different journey, and has a different path. So, is it fair to congratulate and or condemn? What about all those nameless women who cannot afford the surgery let alone the testing? Should they not also be considered courageous? They walk a different path, will face a different outcome. There are tens of thousands; I would say hundreds of thousands, even millions of people around the world that don’t have the means to even consider this. There are so many facets of this discussion, and while we are grateful to Angelina for bringing this story to the public, we are wary of the terms that have been thrown around.

Truth be told, an elective Ottawa Mastectomy procedure is old news to us. Over the years we have had many women come to us for similar procedures that Angelina underwent. Wouldn’t be something to be able to give lip service to all the women who have walked through our door, but then again,  wouldn’t it also be something to give lip service to all those who are on a different path?