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We are so excited to announce that we are now offering Microdermabrasion at our office in Kanata!

These treatments help with skin that looks too think or too thick, acne scars or discoloration, fine lines/wrinkles, and other skin conditions that make our skin look tired and dull. This is a great option for almost all skin types and has virtually no side effects or down time!

Noticeable changes can been seen after the first treatment. One treatment before a special event is a great idea to get your skin looking brighter and more luminous but a series of treatments is recommended.  After a series of treatments oiliness is decreased, pores are less pronounced and skin is brightened. Scars and discoloration is decreased and collagen fibers are increased and are thicker helping those lines to appear smoother.

This treatment is appropriate for preteens (starting at about age 12), teens, young adults to mature adults both male and female.

If you are suffering from acne or lackluster skin we know from personal experiences how self conscious it can make you feel. Our face is the first part that people see. You know that old saying; put your best foot forward, I think it should be “put your best face forward’. We all have beautiful skin, sometimes it just needs a little boost, a little patience and extra love. The Silk Peel might be the boost your skin needs to really shine.


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Discussing what treatment plan is best for you skin for optimal results is part of your complimentary consultation at Kanata Plastic Surgery.

Give your tired skin a boost! Send us a message here or call the office at 613-591-1099 to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Medical Estheticians, Karen or Mikaela.