Fall Savings!

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This fall we are offering 20% off IPL treatments and Photofacial treatments!


At every age our skin misbehaves.  It is too dry, too pimply, too red or too blotchy.

The tell-tale signs of aging, lifestyle choices and neglecting our skin start to appear, sometimes with little to no warning. We are left feeling punished for enjoying too much sun, feeling and seeing the effects of hormone fluctuations, or are just plain guilty for ignoring our skin’s cry for help.

Photofacials take care of any pigmentation problems (brown spots, broken capillaries, acne scarring) and have the added advantage of collagen induction, meaning it stimulates the growth of collagen-which helps to remove unwanted fine lines.

Photofacials remove up to 90% of visible sun damage and soften the signs of aging. All grades of acne and rosacea are cleared and the skin is left with an even tone and texture. This technology uses an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break down hyper-pigmentation and red tones creating an uniform appearance to the skin.  Acne bacterium is killed and blackheads are greatly reduced. This light based treatment truly improves all aspects of the skin and is customized to suit each individuals needs. It is common to see a significant improvement in the skin after only one treatment, but maximum results are achieved after a series of treatments.  Photofacials yield absolutely no downtime, which means that regular daily activities go completely uninterrupted. Low risk, high return.

Take advantage of these amazing savings and put your best face forward.

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